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Employers: Service

Executive Search

To help you finding your Board Members, Managers or Experts

For those companies which are looking for an experienced executive that will bring vision and management know-how or for that rare expert who makes the difference to your business, this is the safest way to go. A transparent and seamless methodology which can be deployed locally and internationally. We take into account, the strategic, geographic and budgetary specifics of your business to hunt the right individuals in the right place...

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Recruitment & Selection

A cost effective approach to your recruitment needs

This service is designed to help companies find qualified talent with the right combination of technical and soft skills at a competitive budget. As a main or complementary source of talent acquisition, this method relies on database screening, advertising, networking and limited hunting to provide you with quality candidates that correspond to the profile your are seeking...

Executive Coaching

The gear you need to support you in your ascension

This program is designed to accompany managers in dealing with the stress, requirements and priorities attached to their job. It relies on a standard process (rope) which is then tailor-made to match the specific needs and goals of the coaching program.

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Excellence and Success

Employers: Service


Since 1989

Starting in 1989, with a focus on delivering recruitment solutions for the Automotive Industry, we slowly extended our expertise to other manufacturing segments by hiring and training consultants directly from the industry. Today we employ several Senior Consultants across Europe with expertise in: - Automotive & Aerospace

     - Mining, Metals & Glass

     - Energy & Environment

     - Chemicals, Oil & Gas

     - Industrial Automation

     - Food Processing

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Since 2005

With Healthcare consultants based in Belgium, France and Poland, we have been providing premium staffing services to many organisations in the sector. From clinical research through sales & marketing, we have not only developed the know-how but also the international network to support our efficient search & selection process. Our sector expertise covers:

              - Pharmaceuticals

              - Biotech / R&D

              - Medical Equipment

              - Laboratories

              - Hospitals & Medical Care

              - Managed Healthcare (insurance)


Since 2002

Starting with providing executive staffing services to the Insurance & Banking sector, we developed international accounts that allowed us to grow the financial practise Europe-wide. From 2005, we extended our services to : - retail and distribution

                      - logistics

                      - real estate sectors 

                      - utilities

                      - consulting 

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